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First Five
This first five ticket is "what it says on the tin". It's a lower cost for the first five ticket buyers. If it's available it means you get a discounted ticket price.
General Admission
The general ticket would be the only option after the first five tickets get sold and that price is higher than the first five.
Member of an under-represented group
The spirit behind the "member of an under-represented group" ticket is to support diversity & inclusion as per EMCC global. You get to decide if you should use it, and we'll trust your judgment on that. The ticket is available regardless of the number of tickets sold. 
Country with a low GDP
This ticket is for those living in a country with a low GDP.

Requirements for qualification:
1. Country of residence must be one with a low GDP. Our list of countries with a low GDP can be found here.

However, fulfilment of this requirement is subject to the following conditions:

If you are purchasing this ticket type, we will require proof of address. Until we receive proof of address, your order will be pending. 
* if there are any doubts as to the authenticity of the documents provided, Orderly Disruption reserves the right to cancel without recourse.

If you have a billing address in one of the countries with a low GDP (listed in the above link) but despite this, you are resident in a country not listed on the list of countries with a low GDP, you will not qualify for this ticket type.

If we deem the requirements have not been met, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund you. When we refund you, it is possible you may be charged additional transaction fees.

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