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TAUGHT BY: Steph Ashmore

ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP- APM) with Steph Ashmore

ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP- APM) with Steph Ashmore

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 ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP-APM)

What will I learn?

Master the Art and Science of Modern Project Delivery

This course is your comprehensive guide to excelling in the dynamic world of Agile project delivery. You’ll go beyond theory, gaining both practical skills and a transformative mindset that will revolutionize your work approach.

Empower Your Expertise & Grow Your Skills!

Choose an approach with Confidence:
Develop a deep understanding of project, product, and continuous flow methodologies. Learn to confidently assess project needs and select the optimal approach to maximize value delivery.

Lead with Agility:
Embrace the evolving role of leadership in the Agile era. Foster collaboration, empower self-organizing teams and confidently navigate the complexities of modern organizational structures.

Optimise for Success:
Move beyond task-level management and master system-level thinking. Identify bottlenecks, leverage impactful metrics, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement that drives lasting results.

Navigate the Complexities:
Confidently navigate contracts, procurement, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder relationships. Build strong partnerships and ensure smooth project delivery, even in the face of challenges.

Transform Your Approach & Actualise Agile Benefits!

Embrace Change as a Catalyst: 
Become an agent of change by adopting adaptive planning and feedback loops. Iterate and pivot as needed to ensure your projects remain aligned with evolving business goals.

Communicate Value with Clarity:
Master the art of transparent communication, articulating project goals, progress, and value to stakeholders at all levels. Build trust and rapport, fostering a collaborative environment that breeds success.

Build High-Performing Teams:
Unlock the potential of your team by cultivating psychological safety, trust, and accountability. Empower individuals, encourage collaboration, and celebrate collective achievements.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities:
Develop a mindset that views constraints and risks as opportunities for growth and innovation. Learn to manage risk effectively, transforming obstacles into creative solutions that propel your projects forward.

What should I expect?

Collaborative engaging work:
There’s no napping on this course. Over three thought-provoking days, you’ll collaborate in groups, work in pairs, and engage in individual activities across 50+ interactive exercises. This hands-on approach ensures you learn new skills and immediately apply them to diverse case studies and real-world scenarios, helping to solidify the learning. 

Time to reflect & make a plan:
You’ll finish not only with a deeper understanding of Agile Delivery key concepts but with actionable strategies and a plan to apply these to your specific existing projects,
 teams, and organizations to drive real change and results.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to Project Delivery, this course will equip you to confidently navigate the ever-changing project landscape and lead your teams to new heights of success

This ICAgile Certified Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP-APM)  will transform your approach to project management and unlock a new level of agility. Learn to embrace change, communicate value, build high-performing teams, and turn challenges into opportunities for success.

Meet Your Trainer


Steph is an experienced Project Delivery Professional with 10 years of diverse industry experience, including design, marketing, and UX, as well as product development, operations, and delivery.

Steph has collaborated with all types of businesses, spanning from large UK retailers and international banks to small local agencies. This exposure to different cultures and industries has honed her ability to navigate complex projects effectively. She learnt how to tailor project delivery approaches to address the unique challenges and dynamics within each organization, fostering successful outcomes across diverse environments.

A self-confessed agile nerd, Steph’s project delivery ethos is to experiment, learn, and adapt. Her experience in building high-performing squads and unifying remote teams across the globe to achieve common goals is driven by a focus on continuous improvement, strong self-reflection, and team dynamics. Building trust first and understanding humans underpins everything that Steph works on.                                    

Steph Ashmore

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What do Attendees Say About Training?

Neal Taylor's Story

Agile Coach at Accenture

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Who is this training course for?


This course is designed for:

  • Scrum Masters: Looking to expand their role beyond facilitation and into hands-on delivery aspects.
  • Project Managers: Transitioning to Agile methodologies or looking to deepen their expertise.
  • Delivery Managers: Seeking to enhance their leadership skills and drive value delivery.
  • Team Leaders: Wanting to foster collaboration and empower their teams for success.
  • Product Owners/Managers: Eager to better understand Agile principles and practices.
  • Business Professionals: Involved in project delivery who want to understand and contribute to successful Agile transformations.

Essentially, this course is valuable for anyone who wants to elevate their project management skills in today’s Agile-driven world.

Will this course help me become an Agile Delivery Manager?

Yes, this course is a powerful catalyst for anyone aspiring to become a successful Agile Delivery Manager. While there’s no single path to this role, the skills and knowledge gained here are directly applicable and highly sought-after in the field. You’ll go beyond theory, developing a deep understanding of Agile principles and the practical tools to implement them effectively.

You’ll not only learn to choose the right delivery mode for your project but also gain the leadership skills to empower teams, optimize systems, and navigate complex scenarios. You’ll practise communication strategies to ensure everyone is aligned on value delivery and become adept at anticipating and mitigating risks.

In essence, this course is your springboard to becoming an Agile Delivery Manager who not only understands the methodology but can also confidently lead teams and projects to successful outcomes in today’s dynamic business environment.

What topics are covered?

This comprehensive course delves deep into the core principles and practical applications of Agile project delivery. Here’s a glimpse of the key topics we’ll explore:

  • Delivery Agility: Learn to identify and apply the most effective delivery modes – projects, products, or continuous flow – to suit different situations.
  • Managing the System, Empowering the Team: Discover how to optimize your organizational systems to foster self-organization and high performance within your teams.
  • Delivering Value Continuously: Master the art of defining, communicating, and validating value to ensure your projects deliver real results.
  • Planning and Monitoring: Learn adaptive planning techniques and effective communication strategies to keep stakeholders informed and projects on track.
  • Agile Governance and Contracts: Navigate the complexities of compliance, audits, and contracting in an Agile environment.
  • Building High-Performance Teams: Foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and accountability to unleash your team’s full potential.
  • Leveraging Constraints and Risks: Turn challenges into opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Throughout the course, we’ll emphasize hands-on practice through interactive activities and real-world case studies, ensuring you gain the skills and knowledge to lead Agile projects and initiatives successfully.

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