Executives: are you thinking of "kicking the can down the road?" on true agility. Think again.

Executives: there are many reasons for agility. You already know this.

Check out https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/whyg... - you decide which reasons are better for your context, some reasons are better than others.

See my change story for agility at https://orderlydisruption.com/blogs/executive-agility/what-is-organizational-agility-3rd-edition

The people we need in new teams/teams-of-teams need to support a fresh mindset.

The chase for clarity doesn't lead to good outcomes.

If you think you can/should "kick the can down the road", not take agility seriously, or dilute its effects so you can "tick the box" of copying your competitors, think again.

I believe Cynefin provides the main reason that strategy leads to increased risk. Treat complexity with simplicity, not best practice.

Check out https://bit.ly/HBRCynefin

But, be careful. Arranging agility within each function might not lead to good outcomes either. If you started there, have a look at how to progress out of there to a better place.

Why not inspire your people to move with you? #agility #cynefin #scrum #kanban #complexity #agile #agileleadership


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