Different Types of Product Owners

Different Types of Product Owners

  • scribe
  • proxy
  • business representative
  • sponsor
  • CEO of the product.

The Scribe Product Owner

The Proxy Product Owner

The Business Representative Product Owner

The Sponsor Product Owner

  • the total cost for the product;
  • the whole life cycle;
  • running the product or the service; and
  • improving the product or the service.

The CEO of the Product

What experience tells me

“the biggest job of a product owner is to connect with stakeholders and manage their expectations”

Managing uncertainty & Creating the Vision

Most product owners are scribes or proxies

Myth: Product management is taught in product ownership classes

Only one product owner in Scrum for the entire product

  • money;
  • time; or
  • data.

How team product owners create separate backlogs

The comparison between product owners and product managers/leaders

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