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Lean Product Delivery

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Organised by John Coleman

This is a clarion call to connect and collaborate with others interested in innovative ways to deliver great products (particularly Agile and Lean, Lean Startup, Lean UX and Lean Enterprise). .

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Lean UX London

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Organised by John Coleman

Lean UX London is a regular meetup for anyone interested in using outcome-focussed, iterative design methods that are adaptive to change. If you are committed to empathising with your customers, solving problems through design and collaborating effectively with your team, then Lean UX London can offer you stimulating workshops, talks and guest speakers to help you get your job done with minimal wasted effort.

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Less Meetup

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Organised by John Coleman

This is a meetup for learning about agility. Agility provides opportunities in government & business, some of which now require agility as an additional skill set for the 2020s.
The meetup's purpose is to upskill people in Azerbaijan on agility, regardless of the current skill set or education level. Perhaps, you want to reinvent or improve your job prospects or promotion prospects. 

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             Orderly Disruption

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by John Coleman

Enjoy free live virtual interviews with leading lights. Enjoy free live virtual presentations from the very best in agility.

Attend paid for live-virtual training events. Attend paid for face to face training events in Geneva with precautions as per the WHO advice. Get and training.

Budding agility chefs are welcome.

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