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Lean UX practices face roadblocks when they don’t have buy-in from the organizations in which they work.What do these roadblocks to Lean UX look like? Structural resistance to change, fear that lean practices are a fad, and a lack of access to customers, to start. 
In this talk, Josh Seiden will share tips on how to persuade your organization to move to a leaner approach. 

 In this interview, John will ask about the science behind Cynefin, why Dave is critical of systems thinking, spiral dynamics, and Myers-Briggs. SAFe might come up in conversation. But mostly John is curious about the suggested changes to Cynefin, how official they are, and how Cynefin can be useful in practice. And John is curious if emergent / exaptive practice needs to be on a rhythm (like sprints).

An interview with Steve Tendon on Tameflow (Kanban + Theory of Constraints + Throughput Accounting) as per https://tameflow.com/Steve recently published "Tame your Work Flow: How Dr. Goldratt of “The Goal” would apply the Theory of Constraints to rethink knowledge-work management (TameFlow)". It has lots of testimonials.

Steve Tendon is the Managing Director of TameFlow Consulting Limited, where he helps clients create high-performance organizations and teams by applying the theories and practices described in his books. The focus of his research and work is on creating breakthrough organizational performance-innovation. A sought-after adviser, coach, mentor, speaker, and consultant. He holds an MSc. in Software Project Management from the University of Aberdeen; a Fintech Innovation/Future Commerce Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

There are few people in agility as skilled as Troy Magennis with forecasting, metrics or managing dependencies. Troy Magennis is a seasoned IT professional and executive, having helped deliver valuable software to customers at scale since 1994. In 2011 he founded Focused Objective, which has become the leader and trusted brand for Agile metrics and probabilistic forecasting. He regularly keynotes at Agile conferences eager to share his passion for using data in better ways to improve business outcomes. Previous clients include Walmart, Microsoft, Skype, Sabre Airline Solutions, Siemens Healthcare.

As the Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected, the first to hold this title in Toyota globally, Nigel established the Toyota Agile Academy, a training and consulting practice for Toyota teaching and coaching Lean and Agile approaches and he established the first-ever external accreditation for non-Toyota team members.
Nigel is an advisor on several boards at the University of North Texas and I have also been featured by Forbes and the CEO Network. 

LeSS is Scrum. Scrum is so open to interpretation, which can lead to inconsistent guidance from coaches, trainers, and scaling frameworks. 
LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainers like John Coleman have a LeSS lens when they coach & teach.John Coleman likes to avoid his work being unraveled. To this end, if Scrum is on the menu somewhere he works, John would prefer that people he worked with appreciated the benefits of LeSS Friendly Scrum to the extent his work does not get unraveled by other coaches/trainers.

Srikanth Ramanujam is such an active contributor on the agility chefs live stream, John thought why not bring Srikanth on the show as it seems obvious Srikanth has a lot to say. Not only that, John likes the clarity of thinking Srikanth demonstrates. 
 Srikanth's goal is to be a Coach, Facilitator, Educator, and Mentor who helps large organizations systemically change their way of work. Srikanth believes in a tailored approach of principles driven change and that means helping organizations learn and understand the theory and methods that are required to build your principles and associated strategy that helps them achieve their outcomes.

John Seddon wrote many books including the latest book Beyond Command & Control available on Amazon in physical or audible formats. I suggest audible even though I read the physical book, as John Seddon himself narrates the book.
This book offers to solve the UK productivity conundrum, dramatically improve health and care services while reducing their cost and much more besides. And it is no promise or dream; it is evidenced by those who have followed John's prescription, which is to change the way they think about management

Combined event London Lean Product Delivery and London Lean UX7 pm Warm-up act - the executive's role in discovery by John Coleman7:30 pm Main act - Sense and Respond - Products and Services in the Age of Complexity, by Joshua SeidenSense & RespondA talk that draws on themes from Joshua's book, Sense & Respond. Your organization is—like it or not—in the software business. This talk shares five key principles you’ll need to embrace to thrive in this new world.

Daniel Doiron's description of "Exceptional management and management by exception. Management with TameFlow in the 20s" is as follows......Top management attention is the biggest 'invisible' constraint in today's corporate world. Human's are very bad at integrating data, are subject to group think, tricked by anchoring and are emotional by nature. Only one thing can help: metrics and science. 
 How can we apply this to management? And specifically to knowledge work where there are no answers to speak of in the agile world. No one has the answers. That is unless you attend this meetup! 

Daniel Doiron's introduces us to Throughput Accounting, helping organizations to be profitable now and in the future using cash as the measurement over accounting tricks.